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Brent: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Near the end of June, our Heartbridge Healing Home welcomed Brent, a two-week-old boy who had been born with left hand and arm differences, plus two small holes in his heart.

Brent intake 6.23.16

We are hopeful that those holes will close on their own, but Brent’s hand could use a little medical intervention. He is missing a bone from his forearm, and a wrist deformity is causing his hand to bend at an awkward angle. In addition, Brent is missing his thumb on that hand. Read more.

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Heartbridge Hellos and Goodbyes

Whenever a child is well enough to leave our healing homes, we are sad to say goodbye but celebrate their “graduation.” Today we are happy to announce two graduations from our Heartbridge Healing Home and also introduce three new babies who arrived this summer!

First to graduate was little Violet. Read more.

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Mikel is nine-year-old student from our Believe in Me orphanage school in Changzhi.

Mikel Changzhi

Although Mikel has a limb difference, he doesn’t let that stop him or slow him down. Read more.

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Bo’s Joy for Life

The French call it “joie de vivre” — joy for living — and those who have this quality bring happiness to those around them. During LWB’s Teacher Training at our Believe in Me school, our teachers met a twelve-year-old boy named Bo who personifies this ebullience.

Described as patient, sweet, smiling, gentle, and kind to everyone, Bo’s joy for life rubs off on those around him. His confidence and independence is bolstered by his ability to work around a limb difference. His shortened arm does not limit his ingenuity to complete both simple and complicated tasks put before him.  However, there is one task  that everyone who knows Bo would like to help him with: finding a forever family in the next two years before he is no longer eligible for adoption. Read more.

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Wisdom Wednesdays: Parenting a Child with a Visible Special Need

I adopted my son, who is missing part of his arm, six years ago. He is such a wonderful, loving child, and not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for the privilege of being his mom. Here are three things I wish I had known, however, about parenting a child with a visible special need.

Read more.

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Tristan: All Boy!

Tristan is a four-year-old boy in our LWB’s Fuyang Education Program who has limb differences in both of his arms and hands. It brings us all such pleasure to say that he is ready to be matched with a family now!

Tristan has been featured on LWB Community (“Tristan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week“), and we’ve enjoyed watching him thrive as he joined LWB’s Fuyang Foster Care Program and then progressed to preschool.
Read more.

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Tristan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Tristan is a three-year-old boy in our Fuyang education program who has limb differences in both of his arms and hands. However, his special needs do not hold him back. He is an active boy with a terrific smile who likes to sing and dance with his classmates. According to his recent report, Tristan is a clever and good boy. He takes an active part in all classroom activities and games. He answers all questions the teacher asks of him, and he loves to obey the rules in school. In other words, he is an absolute sweetheart!
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