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A Letter From Dad: Love Starts Here

“Love Starts Here” is our inspiration and our year-end theme, and this December we have been sharing stories that demonstrate LOVE in action. The final story we want to share for 2014 comes from Jasmine, a girl near and dear to our hearts.


Jasmine was formerly in LWB’s Believe in Me school in Liupanshui as “Lauren” and was adopted just before she turned 14 — the age at which orphaned children in China are no longer eligible for adoption.  Read more.

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Happy Teeth

We can’t help it. When we saw Carter this month, the song “Happy” started playing in our heads. If only we were all this happy when we brushed our teeth, no one would ever be afraid of the dentist!


We have had another great quarter in the Safe Dental Care program, thanks to your support. Due to the donations we have received so far, we were able to begin this program in five of our Believe in Me schools – Changzhi, Jinjiang, Huainan, Lanzhou, Liupanshui, and Shaoguan. Read more.

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We’re Excited for Elaine!


Since entering our Believe in Me school in Liupanshui in 2012, Elaine has made great progress. At the beginning what was most noticeable was her desire to help and understand her new surroundings.  Everything was new and different to her, so it took her some time to warm up. She obviously paid close attention and her teachers saw that she was making strides to interact more with others, learn how to verbalize herself and play with the other children. Read more.

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LuLu from Liupanshui

Two-year-old LuLu is the newest student in our small but wonderful Believe in Me school in Liupanshui. On her first day, just a few weeks ago, we heard that she is a very timid child, who was nervous being in the classroom and would not speak much.

Lulu-1 Read more.

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Giving Tuesday

What could be a better antidote to the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday than Giving Tuesday?  Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to helping others, and we have many ideas for making this a meaningful day.


One way to help others and help honor someone special to you is an LWB Gift Card.  For a suggested donation of at least $10, these lovely gift cards will help provide financial support to children in need across our programs. Read more.

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Nan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Adequate nutrition is important for the success of all students. Nutrition positively influences a student’s cognitive development and helps improve both academic learning and in-school behavior. With a full tummy, students are free to concentrate on school, rather than feeling hungry and worrying about when their next meal will be.

Our hope for the students in LWB’s Believe In Me schools is that they will have the brightest future possible. Read more.

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Ying: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

There are many ways to measure educational success. Ying is almost five years old. When she started in school, she made little to no contact with other students, and her attention span and verbal ability were limited. Quarterly reports for Ying showed minimal improvement.

Yet there is a place for this precious girl in the Believe In Me Liupanshui School where teachers will gradually gain Ying’s trust. Read more.

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Chinese New Year 2013 Red Envelope Campaign

In China on New Year’s Day (February 10th this year), children in families receive money in red paper envelopes, and celebrate with large feasts, festivals and lots of time with relatives. However, there are many children in China without families to celebrate with them. There are many children who will not feast, and in fact, many who are hungry every day. This year, to honor those children and make a difference in their lives, Love Without Boundaries (LWB) is doing a Red Envelope campaign to provide a New Year’s gift to an orphan. Read more.

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Welcome Back to School

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

As the West starts to get into the routine of a new school year, so do the children in our Believe in Me schools in China.  The LWB Education team is proud to welcome back all of our amazing teachers and students for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  With over 300 students in our schools, we are a very busy program and are extremely excited about what this school year will hold for our precious and amazing children!  Welcome back….

Changde Believe in Me School

Read more.

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A Brand New School: Believe in Me Liupanshui!

We are so excited to be opening our eighth Believe in Me school in Liupanshui, Guizhou. This school will open in October after the new teachers attend Montessori training in Beijing.   These teachers also recently spent a full week at our Believe in Me Jinjiang School learning from some of our veteran teachers and seeing how a Believe in Me school should be run. We are proud of our schools and know the Jinjiang teachers were excited to be able to share their knowledge with their new colleagues. Read more.

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