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Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Update on Colton

In celebration of Chinese New Year, we’re sharing updates on children served through our Unity Initiative. This program, for kids in poverty who were born with medical needs, is bringing hope to rural families. On our last blog we shared about little Anneke and how her surgery will now allow her to go to school. Today we want to update you on Colton, a handsome little boy who just had his second birthday. Colton had heart surgery back in May during LWB’s first cardiac surgery exchange in Anhui province.

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Jing Yang: From Foster Care to Forever Family

For the past eight years, we watched a little girl named Chloe grow and thrive in the heart of our foster care program in Lu’An. So imagine our great joy at finally seeing this kind, sweet-hearted twelve-year old finally meet her forever family this past month!


Chloe now goes by her given Chinese name, Jing Yang. Jing Yang’s mom writes this about their adoption experience so far: Read more.

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Dancing With the Stars of Lu’An

The hit TV show, “Dancing With the Stars,” is about to begin another season here in the United States.  Those dancers are quite talented, but we think we have some other very promising, dynamic dancers in our foster care program in Anhui!

Three children in LWB’s Lu’An Foster Care Program have apparently been practicing their dance moves.  During our China manager’s most recent visit to their foster care program, they put on quite a demonstration that features both “Gangnam Style” and Michael Jackson-style moves. Read more.

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A Visit To Our Foster Care Programs in China

Last month three LWB program directors visited some of our foster care programs in Anhui, Hunan, and Fujian Provinces. All the children were given individual gifts, and each child was also presented with a warm winter coat. A tremendous outpouring of support for our recent Coats for Kids project provided winter coats for children in all of our foster care programs, which were very much appreciated by the children and their families.

Will and LWB Healing Homes Director, Julie Flynn Coleman

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The Princesses of Lu’An

A dream is a wish your heart makes. ~ Cinderella

Many girls dream about feeling like princesses for at least a day, just like these beauties in our Lu’An foster care program! Our foster care team from the U.K. and U.S. are in China right now visiting children in Anhui and Shanxi Provinces and were thrilled with all of the heartfelt hugs they received from these lovely girls.

It is our dream that these princesses will have every opportunity in life to make their very own dreams comes true!
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Chelsea and Kevin: LWB’s Featured Children of the Week

Chelsea and Kevin are foster siblings in LWB’s Lu’An foster care program. They are both super excited about going to school this year! Chelsea is very outgoing, and if she had her druthers, she’d be outside running and playing. She likes to be close to Kevin, but he is not always quite so enthusiastic about that. Kevin prefers to spend his time playing games with his older brother. He is quiet and sensitive and can sometimes gets his feelings hurt easily. He will hide behind a door when that happens.

This sweet sibling pair really enjoy school. Kevin was thrilled to meet his classmates, and he is doing very well academically and socially. Chelsea is learning more and more each day. She is using her expanding vocabulary to speak in sentences now…and she does like to talk!
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Shawn Michael: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Shawn Michael has been at the Lu’An, Anhui, orphanage for nearly half a year. He has cerebral palsy, doesn’t eat very well, and gets sick easily, but he is a good boy. A few weeks ago it was found that Shawn Michael cried seriously when his right leg was touched. LWB’s Orphanage Assistance program sponsors a nurse in this orphanage to provide medical care to the children there. The nurse thought that Shawn Michael might have a leg fracture or cyst within his leg. He was taken to the hospital for an X-ray of his leg, and it was determined that he has inherited Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), or brittle bone disease, and he did have a fracture. With tender care he is doing better now, but Shawn faces an uncertain future since his bones are easily broken.
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Love Without Boundaries has been fortunate to be able to offer grants to a number of children who are in need of a little extra help in being chosen by a family. Each adoption grant is attached to a specific child and not to a particular agency or specific parents. Generally, once the adoptive family receives travel approval, the grant money is paid directly to the adoption agency to assist with the adoption expenses. We are very excited to announce that this month has brought us two new $2,000 grant recipients: Rocky and David!


Rocky earned his nickname by being shy and pretending he was asleep when volunteers visited the Believe in Me Changde School in Hunan he was attending. When he thought no one was looking, Rocky would open his eyes and take a peek at the visitors, and he eventually overcame his fear. His bravery earned the respect of the LWB volunteers, who gave him the nickname “Rocky.” Nine-year-old Rocky was also a grant recipient in 2008; however, a family never was matched with him, and eventually the grant funds went to help bring another child home.
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Wanted: A Family for John

WANTED: A family for one adorable child….John!

If you want this choice position
Have a cheery disposition
Please be kind, and also clever
Foster my curiosity and encourage forever
Love to play games, all sorts!

Love me as a son
And I will follow
Hurry, Family!
Many thanks.


For nearly a year now, nine-year-old John of Lu’An, Anhui, has been waiting for his family to find him on the shared list.  His sweet grin and mischievous personality remind us of Jane and Michael Banks from “Mary Poppins” when they sing their wishes for what their nanny should be like. 
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A Christmas Blessing for Rachel, Chloe, and John

A Christmas Blessing
During this Christmas season, may you be blessed
With the spirit of the season, which is peace,
The gladness of the season, which is hope,
And the heart of the season, which is love

Somehow, not only for Christmas
But all the long year through,
The joy that you give to others
Is the joy that comes back to you.
And the more you spend in blessing
The poor and lonely and sad,
The more of your heart’s possessing
Returns to you glad.  ~ John Greenleaf Whittier

What a wonderful blessing to be able to announce that three of our children living in Lu’An foster care will receive $1,000 grants toward their adoption expenses.
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