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At the age of four, Joseph entered our Fuyang foster care program in Anhui in 2007.  Over the past six years, it has been our bittersweet privilege to watch Joseph grow up — bittersweet because we would like nothing more than for him to find a forever family of his own.  His amazingly sweet and happy demeanor and contagious smile make it a pleasure to be in his company.

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John’s Only Hope

At LWB, we always try to be as respectful as possible to the children in our programs. We always want to treat them with dignity, and because of that we are hesitant to ever publicly discuss certain medical conditions, as we believe they should remain private. Today I am writing about a little boy in rural foster care, however, who absolutely needs a permanent home to survive. And since he has waited over two years on China’s shared adoption list without being chosen, I am going to break our rule and discuss his condition openly – because I feel like saving his life is the most important thing right now. This eight-year-old boy is just too special to not get the long-term care he deserves.


When we first met John, he was only five years old. We learned that he was abandoned following a failed meningocele surgery, which left him with weak legs and feet that turned out to the sides. Read more.

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Benny’s Wish to Walk

Sweet Benny has wished he could walk and run like all of his friends, but due to a large meningocele, he wasn’t able. When his foster mother told him that he was going to have surgery, he asked if it was on his “bump.” When she said yes, Benny started to smile and shouted, “Then I can start to practice walking!”

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Andrew, Warrior from Kaifeng

I first heard about Andrew from our Kaifeng program just a few weeks ago. This was first photo I saw of him:

You can imagine how my heart swelled at his sweet face!

I wondered why he had been waiting many months for a family to match with him. It turned out that Andrew was born with a form of spina bifida, which is a life-long condition, making Andrew’s chances of finding a family slimmer than many other children. So, writing a post about Andrew became more challenging than I thought it would be.
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