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2018 Cleft Medical Exchange: Day Two

Day Two of our Cleft Medical Exchange in Lanzhou is now complete. Since it was our first full day of surgeries in an unfamiliar hospital, things were quite hectic at times. We’re happy to report, however, that the Chinese and American teams have definitely found their rhythm and are working side-by-side to provide compassionate care to each of our little patients.

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Second Surgery Day of the 2017 Cambodia Medical Exchange

It’s Day Two of surgeries here in Phnom Penh, and we’re happy to report that all of our little patients are doing well. Avery is understandably still very sore from her lip repair yesterday, but she looked great during morning rounds. One of the adorable little boys having surgery today is Silas, who will be turning four in just a few weeks. His parents are rice farmers, and he’s the baby of his family. Silas’ mom saw an advertisement that our team would be in Cambodia this week and knew right away that she needed to bring him to see the doctors.

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