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New Medical Cases in China

This week we’ve welcomed four new children into our medical program.  We’d like to introduce you to them so you can send every positive thought their way. The first two children are from separate orphanages in central China. Baby Avery is from one of our partner orphanages and was admitted to the provincial children’s hospital with a severe case of pneumonia.

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Healing Home Hero of the Week: Laughing Laurie

Last summer, a tiny little sprite named Laurie came to stay at our Anhui Healing Home. Laurie was born with microtia, a congenital ear deformity. When she was two months old, her orphanage called us because she developed pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized. Fortunately, Laurie recovered fairly quickly and was moved to our healing home. Some babies are serious at first and take some time to warm up to their new environment and caretakers. Not little Laurie!

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Meet Landon

Today we would like to introduce you to a little boy named Landon who lives in an orphanage in Anhui province. Isn’t he a handsome guy?

Landon is ten years old and was born with microtia, a congenital issue where the external ear is underdeveloped. Read more

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Bobby’s New Do

Bobby from our Sanmenxia foster care program is cute as can be. Recently, he was adamant that our foster care manager look at the top of his head..

Bobby 7.15

He couldn’t wait for someone to check out his new do! Bobby’s sense of humor seems apparent. Read more.

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New Challenges

I ended Friday’s blog by saying that the shift in orphanage populations has significantly changed the responsibilities of nannies over the years. A decade ago, the nannies were caring for 10-15 children at a time in the main baby rooms….but on the whole, these were primarily “healthy” babies. Now they are often caring for the same number of children, but ones who have medical needs. Their jobs can be difficult indeed. I will never forget walking into a rural orphanage in a western province and seeing a nanny thread a worn looking rubber tube down the throat of a baby with cleft. She then proceeded to pour milk drop by drop into the tube. She explained that the child was unable to suck from a regular bottle, and so she had come up with this homemade NG tube on her own to save his life. Read more.

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Julia: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Julia arrived at the Fujian Healing Home (FHH) in July 2011, at just five months of age. Julia had already been through surgery for an abdominal obstruction, and her orphanage in Gutian was having a difficult time with her post-op care. Fortunately we were able to take this sweet girl into FHH for additional treatment and to receive some “TLC” from our wonderful staff. It didn’t take long at all for Julia to start melting the hearts of the caregivers at FHH; with her wonderful smile and shining eyes, she is irresistible!

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I Need My Coffee!

Once a month, our Beijing Regional Manager, Cindy, visits all the children at our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit. Cindy takes great pride in sending us beautiful photos of our happy babies…but Douglas here has not been cooperating lately. You see, Douglas — like many of us — is NOT a morning person!

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