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Cleft Exchange Day Six — Final Day

The last day of the Medical Exchange was a smooth day filled with laughter.

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Cleft Exchange Day Five

“Super Ambitious Day” was Mission Accomplished! It was a day of challenges, learning and fun.

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Cleft Exchange Day Four

The last days of a Cleft Mission are always the busiest! Today was a day filled with joy and laughter as many of the children who had surgery on the first day left to return to their hometowns and more children arrived to prepare for their surgeries tomorrow.

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Cleft Exchange Day Three

Today started with Becca searching for food. She was not happy to miss her breakfast and was determined to find milk or food.

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Cleft Exchange Day Two

The first day of surgery has flown by smoothly. What a wonderful day it was. Everyone got up early in order to get to the hospital by 8am. The nurses did not know who would be first so all the children were prepared.

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Cleft Exchange Day One

How best to put into words, the excitement, joy and wonder of an international medical exchange. Great things always happen when people travel from near and far to come together to heal children in need. It was an incredible first day. Our team has arrived safely and on time and includes Dr. Ness, Dr. Martin, […]

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Day One of Hefei Mission

Most of our team has arrived safely in Hefei ready to go to work on our Hemangioma medical trip. Dr. Buckmiller missed her connection due to the first leg of her flight being delayed but our good friend Michael Han (Always and Forever Tours) has worked hard to make her delay as minimal as possible.

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Final Day of Surgeries in Hefei

When we walked onto the unit today, we were met by a chorus of crying babies.  It seemed everyone was fussy; after awhile, it started to sound like a song.  

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Cleft Mission – Day 4

Today when we got to the unit the first thing we noticed is that there were no more children in beds in the halls.  All of the babies were well and the repairs look good (I know I keep saying that, but it is really very cool).  

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Meet Our Cleft Team

It’s almost time!  On September 27th – Oct 3rd  LWB will be sending it’s 5th cleft team to China.  Eight doctors, nurses, and volunteers will travel to Hefei for a Cleft medical exchange.   Over the past few years LWB has built a unique and trusting partnership with Anhui Children’s Hospital, and we are excited to have […]

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