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Oliver and His Mother

The devotion of Oliver’s mother has been an inspiration these past few months. As you may remember, Oliver was born with Down Syndrome and a severe heart defect. After taking her son to several hospitals and asking if they could heal his heart, Oliver’s mother was repeatedly turned away. When she learned that LWB supporters had funded heart surgery for Oliver, she was so grateful that her precious boy had a chance for a healthy life.

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Celebrate Love On Mother’s Day

Join us in a celebration of love for Mother’s Day! This year, in conjunction with Love Without Boundaries’ 15th anniversary, we are offering a beautiful commemorative bracelet to honor mothers everywhere. This original design by artist Tracie Murray includes 15 delicate red garnet stones, one for each year that LWB has been bringing hope and healing to vulnerable children around the world. The garnet is bordered by silver pyrite stones that meet a sterling silver hook clasp. Each bracelet is crafted by hand.

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So Thankful for Mothers

Today is Mother’s Day, and what a perfect time to celebrate everything that mothers do for us! The children in our foster care programs have wonderful foster moms who play such important and loving roles in the lives of these little ones. Read more.

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Do Small Things With Great Love Mother’s Day Necklace

In honor of Mother’s Day, Love Without Boundaries is offering a beautiful, custom designed necklace from Plunder Design with a special message: Do small things with great love. This custom LWB design and stamped metal tag are featured on a 30″ necklace that moms everywhere are sure to love.

Mothers_Day_Necklace-1 4.16

Your purchase of a necklace for the special mother and other women in your life will help fund LWB’s upcoming 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange, where 40 orphaned and impoverished children with cleft needs are scheduled to receive life-changing surgery later this month. Read more.

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To Mother

On my most recent trip to China, I got to spend an entire day with two of my kids. Well, officially in the eyes of the US and China, they aren’t my son and daughter on paper. But from the moment I met them in a small orphanage in 2006, I have loved them as my own. Absolutely in my heart….I will forever be their mom. I wake up thinking about them and go to bed praying for them, just like my other seven kids on this side of the ocean who legally share my name.

Since returning from China and seeing them, I have thought so much about what makes a family. What does it mean to be someone’s mom? Read more.

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Mother’s Day Wishes

“Make a wish and blow!”

That’s what we teach children when they grab their first dandelion gone to seed. Children see the endless possibilities afforded by wishing. They make their incredibly important wish, fill their cheeks, pucker and blow their wishes as far as the wind can carry them.

I became a mother on Mother’s Day 2004.  In a stuffy Civil Affairs Office in Nanchang, Jiangxi, I received my daughter.  How naïve was I then to the journey that I was just beginning? Read more.

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Calling All Dads (and Others): Mother’s Day is Only Two Weeks Away!

Dads, husbands, and others who are last minute shoppers:  please note that the LWB “Born in my Heart” auction ends in just three more days — on April 27th — which is TWELVE DAYS before Mother’s Day! This may be your opportunity to buy the Mom in your life a gift that is truly from the heart.
Read more.

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Definition of: Mother

Mother (moth-er) — Something or someone that gives rise to or exercises protecting care over something else: origin or source. To look after or care for as a mother does.

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Mother’s Day Full Circle of Love

The children of Believe In Me: Jingjiang would like to share a Mother’s Day greeting with all of you. Their greeting is sent specifically to TWO Mother-Daughter teams that have impacted their lives in a most positive way . . . Judy and Heather Williams and Marilee and Tiffany Gilmore.

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The Blessing of Foster Care

There is no greater joy in this world than the joy that comes from being a Mother. Like most mothers, I sit in awe that I have been entrusted with the lives of all of these little ones.

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