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Robert’s Glimmer of Hope

It’s that glimmer of hope in his eye that we never want to see extinguished. The sense of expectation in his spirit that we don’t want to see quenched. Right now, Robert dreams about the promise of a family – a family he trusts is right around the corner and who we tell him is searching for him as hard as they can.
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My Hero, Judah

Male, 23 months, heart disease. This may be the only information about Judah that prospective adoptive parents get to see. I wish it weren’t this way– I wish they could come and meet him. If they did, they would see immediately that Judah is a special little boy. When I first arrived at the foster home, he was the first child I got to hold. I still remember walking into the room– Judah let out a squeal of joy and scooted over to me as quickly as he could. Even on that first day we met, he had already secured a special place in my heart. There is something about him that draws people in.
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