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The 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange: Final Moments

Saturday morning our team headed to the hospital to make our final rounds on the children and to say goodbye to the wonderful Chinese team we had worked with all week.  Real friendships are formed in both the OR and on the ward, and it was hard to say those final farewells, not knowing when, if ever, we would meet in person again.

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The 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange: A Very Long Day Four

Day four of our 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange has come to a close, and it was a very long day for our team.

CME2016 Cindy pondering 4.20.16“Whew – this surgery stuff can be pretty tiring!”

Before we talk about the surgeries which took place today, we want to let you know how some of the patients from earlier in the week are doing now.
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Running Through China: Hooray for Heartbridge!

What a wonderful way to start our trip! Our 18-bed Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit, in partnership with the New Hope Foundation, is truly creating miracles each and every day. The children we send to Heartbridge are the most vulnerable medical children of all –- and yet when you walk through the doors, you are met by children who are so happy. Well, all except maybe for Nathan who cried every time the strangers with blonde hair came near him!
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