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Specialized Formula: What a Difference It Can Make


In early March, LWB’s Nutrition and Special Projects Program learned of a family struggling to care for their three-month old daughter who was born with anal atresia. Little Yi Xuan has had her first surgery, but she needs to gain weight and grow stronger in order to have a needed second surgery. This has been particularly difficult as Yi Xuan’s intestines are not absorbing the nutrients she needs. Read more.

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Yi Xuan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Yi Xuan is one of LWB’s first Unity Fund children with anal atresia, a condition that we are seeing more and more of in the children that we help.

Yi Xuan-2

This little three-month-old has already had one surgery, resulting in a colostomy bag. Soon after surgery though, she developed an infection that was treated in Shanghai last week. Her poor family is from a very rural area in northwestern Gansu Province and has traveled far to find medical care for their daughter.
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Making Our List: The 2014 Cleft Exchange

Much like Santa and his elves, our Cleft Exchange Team is busy working behind the scenes making their lists and checking them twice. Preparing for a week-long trip in which dozens of children will receive life-changing surgeries to repair cleft lip or palate is no small undertaking.

Dr. Ness babypile

There are lists of children to receive surgery. There are lists of team members, nurses, doctors, coordinators and other volunteers traveling from around the world to meet in Kaifeng. There are lists of supplies needed to have the best possible outcome for each and every child: sutures, specialized bandages, and cleft bottles. Read more.

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