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Nutritious Formula: LWB’s Featured Program of the Week

Little Wendy looks as if she’s about to burst into tears, while her friend Yvonne is snuggling with her nanny, enjoying a bottle full of nutritious formula.

Wendy wants her bottle too! A bottle of formula may seem like such a simple need, but to the infants helped in LWB’s Nutrition Program, quality formula is an essential need. Formula prices have soared, and it is difficult for us to keep up with the babies’ healthy appetites. Read more.

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Look Alike

How familiar you are with celebrities from other parts of the world? Can you guess which movie star this beauty from our Nutrition program looks like? We’ve been told that Minnie bears a strong resemblance to a Korean movie star — so much so that her nannies call her “our Korean beauty”. From the looks of things, Minnie has the makings of a star and is milking it for all that it’s worth!
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