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Wisdom Wednesdays: Eating Issues, Part One

“She’ll eat when she’s hungry. She’s not going to starve herself!”

When we traveled to China to adopt our younger daughter in 2005, we went armed with this conventional wisdom, a variety of bottles and toddler foods, and the confidence that we could overcome any feeding difficulties with patience and persistence.  When we headed home three weeks later, we left behind the unused bottles and toddler food, our confidence, and most of all, our naive faith in the conventional wisdom that children will eat when they’re hungry. Read more.

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Realistic Expectations: Food Issues

If you asked any child to name a basic human need, chances are the word “food” would be one of the first answers. It is essential to our well-being, isn’t it? And so naturally it is an issue that often comes front and center for children who have lived in an institution and who have possibly never known what it means to feel “full.” Parents frequently comment on adoption travel blogs with astonishment at how much their new children will eat, refilling their plates again and again at every meal. Just as many new parents, however, worry when their child won’t put any solids in her mouth or when they return to their new home and then find food hidden under their child’s bed. Today I’d like to discuss some of the reasons why food issues are often a very common part of international adoption.
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