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The BebePod Project

Sometimes it is the little things that matter the most. A little thing like a BebePod baby seat can change a child’s entire daily experience. A BebePod can help give children in an orphanage a chance to spend more time out of a crib everyday. From a seated position, children can better work on fine motor development.


When a group of children are seated together, they can interact with each other, or a caregiver can interact with a group of children. Read more.

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Namaste from Fang and the Kids!

Fang Yoga Original

Fang Lee, who interned for Love Without Boundaries this summer, recently introduced the students at our Believe In Me school in Shaoguan to the fun benefits of yoga. Read more

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Taking a Leap for Yue

Eight-year-old Yue lives with her parents in a mountainous area of Shaanxi province.  She was born with PFO, or patent foramen ovale, a heart condition, and her family is very poor and cannot afford her medical care.  

Yue 1

Her mother heard about LWB’s Unity Fund, which provides assistance to impoverished families, at the local civic affairs office.  So Yue’s mother and father gathered their daughter and began the journey to a hospital where they knew LWB works. Read more

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Climbing Mountains

John entered LWB’s Foster Care Program three years ago at the age of five. He naturally felt scared and alone at first, but he quickly grew very close to his foster grandfather, who took a special interest in John. John had recently undergone a spinal surgery to improve his leg strength and was fitted with leg braces to aid in his progress.

John and his foster grandfather learned together how to operate his leg braces and have been practicing his walking every day at the park since the day they met over three years ago.
Read more.

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Bouncing Around with Erik

Seven-year-old Erik loves bouncing! while he waits for a family! Watch him here as he bubbles over with glee, turning physical therapy into laughter therapy for everyone in the room. Read more.

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The Cribs Project

One of the first things expectant parents often do is begin thinking about a nursery and how to decorate and furnish it. A beautiful room complete with changing table, toys, and a beautiful crib may be waiting for that precious baby when he or she arrives.

Of course newly arrived children at an orphanage don’t get met with this same scenario. Read more.

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Celebrating 2012

While we wish we could post the photo of every child we helped in 2012, we hope you will enjoy this much shorter snapshot of some of the joys of this last year!

In January, we celebrated our Unity Fund, which works to heal poor, rural children so that families can stay together.  HeQing’s father had no financial means to heal his precious daughter’s heart, and we are so grateful to our donors who gave her this second chance at a healthy life.  As you can see, her smile absolutely lit up the hospital ward! Read more.

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Coats for Kids in Guizhou

LWB has been asked to do a very special project for a rural, mountainous village in southwest Guizhou Province. ChaYing village, home to a Buyi ethnic minority group, is one of the poorest villages in Guizhou. We have been asked if it would be possible for us to provide a new coat and warm thermal underwear to every child in the village. There are 105 children who currently live in Chaying.. Read more.

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LWB’s Featured Project of the Week: Walkers for Linyi SWI

LWB has previously provided the Linyi SWI three posterior walkers for their children with cerebral palsy. Our China Orphanage Assistance Program’s Director recently received a call from the orphanage asking about the possibility of receiving more walkers. They said the walkers we sent work extremely well for kids with cerebral palsy or other walking issues.

Featured Project: Walkers for Linyi SWI
Read more.

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Hudson: A Success Story

Hudson smiled his way into our hearts in April 2010 when we were notified after he arrived at the orphanage very sick with pneumonia. He was hospitalized and treated for the pneumonia, but the doctors discovered he had a heart defect known as PDA (patent ductus arteriosus). Despite his illness, Hudson always had a beautiful smile on his face for the camera.

Smiling Hudson at hospital

As soon as Hudson was strong enough, he was moved to the hospital to have his heart repaired. Read more.

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