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Smiles…Thanks to Special Formula!

Twins Reagan and Sydney are smiling thanks in part to their Prenan formula. These adorable sisters were born prematurely in February, and Prenan is especially formulated for premature infants like them. It helps to increase weight and rapid growth in infants with low birth weight. Don’t these sisters look wonderful?

Sometimes the standard, off-the-grocery shelf formula isn’t able to meet the nutritional needs of a medically fragile child, and a specialized formula is the key to helping them heal. Read more.

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Specialty Formula for Heartbridge

If asked to come up with a list of “medical essentials” at LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home, the items that come to mind might include nebulizers to help with breathing, or antibiotics to fight infection, or the wall full of cubbies that contain each child’s individual medications and instructions.

You may not think of a can of formula, but that truly is one of the most vital parts of the healing regimen for our most fragile residents. Read more.

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LWB’s Preemie and Special Formula Fund

Our Heartbridge Healing Home facility in Beijing is dedicated to helping some of China’s most medically fragile orphaned children. These children are provided specialized care to allow them to gain weight and strength before life-saving operations. Read more.

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