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Life in Lockdown

During the time of the coronavirus, many of us are just getting used to what it means to be sheltering in place. If you scroll through a Facebook feed, you’ll see lots of humorous memes from frazzled parents, adjusting to being home 24/7 with their kids. Well, our China Healing Home nannies are definitely pros by now, as they’ve been on complete lock-down since January 26th. That means they are now on Day 74 of watching over the orphaned children in our care – without getting a single break.

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McKade’s LWB Playrooms

When it came time for my son McKade to choose an Eagle Scout Project, he knew immediately that he wanted to do something for Love Without Boundaries. When LWB announced they had been granted permission to put two playrooms in two Chinese children’s hospitals, McKade really wanted to help. His brothers and sisters have special needs and spend a great deal of time in hospitals, and the Forever Young playroom there makes their time in the hospital very enjoyable. I recommended to McKade that he raise the money needed for one playroom ($5,000), but he was ambitious and wanted to raise the funds for two.

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Aaron’s Journey

Since the early days of his life, Aaron has been in LWB care. Aaron’s life has been touched by a broad range of LWB programs — Medical, Healing Homes, Nutrition, Education, Foster Care and Advocacy — each one working together to benefit one special little boy.

Aaron baby

In late April 2011, a darling boy started his journey in LWB’s hands. Born with a meningocele (spinal tumor), little Aaron was quickly moved to the hospital where he underwent a complex neurosurgery which also required the placement of a shunt. Read more.

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Physical Therapy Training for Shantou

One of the most memorable joys of parenthood is watching your child take their first steps. How proudly a parent shares that miracle with the world. Those first steps are steps out of babyhood and toward independence.


For children in an orphanage, especially children born with physical challenges like cerebral palsy, first steps are a struggle which require not only encouragement and opportunity, but a skilled caregiver. Read more.

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PT Exchange: Building Skills, Confidence, and Independence

Lives were changed forever during our 2010 Physical Therapy Exchange.  Just look at this boy’s excitement as he receives a walker of his very own, allowing him to walk independently for the first time ever!


In less than two weeks, Love Without Boundaries’ 2014 Physical Therapy exchange will commence, and we hope to experience once again the joy that is written all over this boy’s face. Read more.

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New Challenges

I ended Friday’s blog by saying that the shift in orphanage populations has significantly changed the responsibilities of nannies over the years. A decade ago, the nannies were caring for 10-15 children at a time in the main baby rooms….but on the whole, these were primarily “healthy” babies. Now they are often caring for the same number of children, but ones who have medical needs. Their jobs can be difficult indeed. I will never forget walking into a rural orphanage in a western province and seeing a nanny thread a worn looking rubber tube down the throat of a baby with cleft. She then proceeded to pour milk drop by drop into the tube. She explained that the child was unable to suck from a regular bottle, and so she had come up with this homemade NG tube on her own to save his life. Read more.

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Shantou SWI Physical Therapy Training

A few months ago LWB’s Orphanage Assistance Program began working with the Shantou SWI to set up a special physical therapy training for the workers at the orphanage. A teacher from Hong Kong came to the orphanage to conduct this training for the orphanage staff. The staff reported that they learned a lot and felt the things learned would be helpful to the children for whom they care.

Physical therapy training

The staff was instructed in several hands-on approaches, including massage, speech therapy, and games to help the children. In the past they had been taught about PT skills separately and often on only a theoretical level. The teacher asked, “Does a baby learn to cry first, or shake its hands first, or shake its legs first?” Of course babies learn all these things at the same time. Likewise, the teacher asserted, PT skills should be taught to the children in conjunction with multiple skills at the same time, rather than on an isolated basis. Read more.

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Giving Thanks for Adaptive Equipment

Wheelchairs and other adaptive equipment such as leg braces and walkers are vital to the mobility and development of children with handicaps. They can help a kid be a kid…as Chelsie is so willingly demonstrating below!

Chelsie has starred in several blogs lately (“Chelsie: Longing to Learn” and “The One and Only Chelsie”) because she is available for adoption on the shared list. Finding her forever family would be a dream come true for Chelsie because she desperately wants to attend school and is currently unable to do so in China due to her disability. She is smart as a whip and ready to learn.
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Dingxi Nannies Learn New Therapy Techniques

“…Good timber does not grow with ease,
The stronger wind,
The stronger trees,
The further sky,
The greater length.
The more storm,
The more strength…” ~
Douglas Malloch~

There are times when humans resemble trees….the more difficult their circumstances, the harder they work to achieve the height of success. Recently, LWB learned that children of the Dingxi Social Welfare Institute in Gansu Province were in need of physical therapy to help them grow strong and achieve better health. Even though several of the children there are afflicted with cerebral palsy, there weren’t trained staff members to help these children.
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Physical Therapy Camp

So many children in orphanages live with cerebral palsy (CP) and other issues that make mobility difficult. Thanks to Ellen Dietrick, our Physical Therapy (PT) Coordinator and her friend Lisa, an Occupational Therapist (OT), so many lives have been changed this past week as they conducted “Physical Therapy Camp” in Fujian province.
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