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With August drawing to a close, it seems like a great time to reflect on what’s happened this summer. Our Education program has been particularly active the last few months!

BIM Huainan morning exercises 8.15

From creating new classrooms for orphaned children with special needs children to Life Skills Camp for older teens and young adults, our team has been extremely busy. Read more.

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Introducing the 2015 Teacher Training Teams

Every two years, and sometimes more often thanks to generous donors who believe in the power of education, LWB sends a training team to China. This teacher training team collaborates with teachers in our Believe in Me (BIM) Schools about how to better meet the needs of students with a variety of abilities and challenges. It’s an incredible time of working together on behalf of students.

2014 teacher training participants

Instead of meeting at a central location as in years past, this year the workshop trainers from the USA will split into three groups. Read more.

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Counting Down Our Top Ten Photos of 2011: Babies in a Row

Isn’t this a cute photo from the Pingliang orphanage in Gansu Province? LWB has been working with this orphanage to help provide high quality formula and extra nannies so the babies can receive more one-on-one time and be hand fed.  It’s easy to understand why voters chose it to be one of our Top Ten Photos of 2011!

The most wonderful news about this special photo is that two of the babies have already been united with their forever families, and the other two babies have been chosen for adoption as well! Read more.

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