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Post-Adoption Support

Several weeks ago, quite a few readers participated in our poll, “Are There Different Rules When a Child is Adopted?” Here’s a recap on your thoughts on the actions of Artyem Saviliev’s mother: 47 of you voted, and 44 of you (94%) thought what she did was illegal. 3 of you (6%) felt she used poor judgement due to being overwhelmed by his post-adoption needs.

Like Artyem, many children who have lived part of their lives in an institution may be delayed upon adoption and/or have mild to severe post-institutional issues which affect their daily life.   We at LWB are frequently asked for resources by parents wanting to give their kids the best help possible to lead full and productive lives.  With over 100,000 international adoptees living in the US alone now, one would think that support would be easily available.  But is it?

Please join the conversation and let us know your experiences!
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