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Smiles…Thanks to Special Formula!

Twins Reagan and Sydney are smiling thanks in part to their Prenan formula. These adorable sisters were born prematurely in February, and Prenan is especially formulated for premature infants like them. It helps to increase weight and rapid growth in infants with low birth weight. Don’t these sisters look wonderful?

Sometimes the standard, off-the-grocery shelf formula isn’t able to meet the nutritional needs of a medically fragile child, and a specialized formula is the key to helping them heal. Read more.

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Quality Nutrition for Violet

One immediate concern for a baby with cleft lip and/or palate, like little Violet, is feeding and good nutrition.

2015-11-30 Violet (19)Baby Violet when she entered our Healing Home in November 2015

Because of the cleft lip or palate, an opening between the mouth and nasal cavity, the baby cannot create the suction needed to efficiently pull milk from the bottle or breast. It is like trying to drink from a straw with a crack in it. Read more.

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Jenn’s Story of Triumph

Back in December, 2014 we were called by a rural orphanage in central China who had just discovered a tiny newborn outside their gates. Jenn, as she came to be called, weighed just two pounds, and she was left on one of the coldest nights of the year.


Miraculously, she somehow found the strength to survive, and we rushed her urgently to the nearest hospital with a pediatric ICU. She was diagnosed with both hypothermia and prematurity and began a true fight for her life. Read more.

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Catey and Ander, Thriving with Special Formula

When a child enters our foster care program, we are concerned with all aspects of their development including how they are growing. Foster care managers visit the children in our programs once a month, and we can closely track their development.  Last spring, our foster care managers and coordinators noticed that Catey and Ander, who had already had cleft repair surgery, still weren’t gaining weight, and so they contacted our Nutrition program for help.

Catey 4.15Catey in April 2015

Sometimes children continue to have difficulty feeding even after surgery. When this happens, we turn to special formula to make every drop count. Read more.

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Cayden: Against All Odds

In February, we received a call from an orphanage who had a baby in severe distress struggling to survive.  He had a large laryngeal cyst on his neck and was struggling to breathe and swallow. We immediately took him to the hospital and named him Cayden.


Following surgery and treatment for a nagging respiratory infection that he couldn’t shake, Cayden finally joined our Heartbridge Healing Home in mid-March. Cayden was very small and weak and didn’t have many reserves in his little body to fight off another infection. Read more.

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Tiny Warriors

preemieSome of the most vulnerable children we help are babies who are born prematurely, many weighing just 1 kg. The standard of care for these tiny newborns usually includes being kept under a warmer or in an incubator, with constant monitoring of their breathing, temperature, and heart function. Many babies require oxygen supplementation and sometimes even the use of a ventilator. That is why it is so remarkable to us when orphanages call us to help preemies who were found abandoned outside and who often were not found for hours after delivery. They are the tiniest warriors, and their strength continually humbles us. Read more.

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Miracle In a Can: Preemie Formula

Special Formula

Miracle in a can. That is what preemie formula is for preemie babies. Preemie babies who were not quite ready to come into the world, whose tummies can’t process regular formula yet, whose little bodies struggle. In many cases, preemie formula is the key to helping a preemie baby gain weight and strength and continue to fight. Read more.

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Specialty Formula for Heartbridge

If asked to come up with a list of “medical essentials” at LWB’s Heartbridge Healing Home, the items that come to mind might include nebulizers to help with breathing, or antibiotics to fight infection, or the wall full of cubbies that contain each child’s individual medications and instructions.

You may not think of a can of formula, but that truly is one of the most vital parts of the healing regimen for our most fragile residents. Read more.

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Heartbridge Honeys

Love Without Boundaries has the good fortune of having volunteers with a wide range of talents. One of our most talented writers is undoubtedly Jan Champoux, Director of our Heartbridge Healing Home in Beijing. Each month, Jan’s reports make us feel as if we have just spent time playing with the beautiful children who call Heartbridge their home. She knows them so well and brings their personalities to life for the sponsors who receive these reports! We thought all of our readers might enjoy reading an excerpt from Jan’s lovely reports to get better acquainted with some of Heartbridge’s newer residents:

I just love this recent photo of Lian; she looks so alert and healthy! And honestly, doesn’t she look like she’s in the middle of a gossipy chat over a cup of coffee?
Read more.

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Journey to Guizhou – Day Four (Liupanshui)

We took a three hour train from Guiyang, through the rural countryside of Guizhou to get to our next destination of Liupanshui. The passing scenery was beautiful, with crop terraces all up the mountains. Whereas the eastern side of Guizhou has many homes made of wood, the western side has white stone and concrete houses, but still with the traditional Chinese style curved tile roofs.
Read more.

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