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Briella: Cleft Surgery for a Nomadic Family

Although we have done some work on the Tibetan Plateau through our Unity Initiative, we recently received our first application from a Mongolian family living there:  Briella and her mom. Briella’s mother is a nomadic herder on the remote grasslands of Qinghai province. During the summer, mother and daughter live in a tent as they follow a herd of grazing yaks. In the winter, when temperatures can get to -30 Celsius, they live in an earthen house with other herders in a remote village. Read more.

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The Tibetan Coat Project


Earlier this summer, one of our directors in China visited the Tibetan Plateau region in Qinghai province. She met with two headmasters of the primary schools in Zeku County, a very remote region, who asked if LWB could provide winter Tibetan coats for some very poor students. They explained how cold the winters are there, with temperatures reaching -25 degrees C. They explained that even down jackets are not usually enough, which is why people prefer to wear the traditional Tibetan robes which are handmade, heavy and warm.
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Earthquake Relief in Qinghai

“Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today.”
~Thich Nan Hanh

It’s been almost two years since a major earthquake struck in Sichuan Province, claiming the lives of 86,000 people and injuring and displacing thousands more. Tuesday morning another major earthquake struck, this time in Qinghai Province where Love Without Boundaries supports several schools. Thankfully, the Mama’s Wish schools in northern Qinghai were not affected, and all of our sponsored students are safe. But in southern Qinghai, the situation is dire. In some areas as much as 90% of the homes are now rubble and schools, hospitals, and other buildings have collapsed or been badly damaged. To make matters worse, the temperature is below freezing at night and survivors have no shelter or warm clothing. Rescuers have been battling altitude sickness, sleet, and high winds, digging through the rubble with their hands while waiting for heavy equipment to arrive to this remote and mountainous region.

With your help, Love Without Boundaries is sending disaster relief items such as tents and tarps rope, blankets and bedding, masks and gloves, flashlights, disinfectant, shoes and socks, heavy coats, and of course food, water, and medical supplies to those impacted by the earthquake.
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Mama’s Wish Homecoming

Homecoming unites the past and the presentAuthor Unknown

Mama’s Wish graduates Nan, Suonan and Tsering Tso recently took some time to visit students in their old school in Tongren, Tibet. Think how exciting it must have been for Kanogyal, a third grader, to spend time with these graduates who personify her hopes for her own future.
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An Urgent Request from Rural Tibet Concerning H1N1

Recently, we learned that 300 students in the Tongren and Jianzha schools in the Qinghai region of Tibet have become ill from the H1N1 virus. These students are from rural and nomadic families living in extremely close quarters and know very little about this virus. We have been asked to provide whatever support we can to help these students learn good health habits and prevent the spread of disease in these schools.
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Celebrating College Graduation

Last fall when we we knew there would be twelve students sponsored by LWB’s Mama’s Wish program graduating from college, we hoped that we could find funding to send a family member of each student to graduation to help them celebrate.

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Up and coming Mama’s Wish graduate

2010 will bring yet more college graduates sponsored by Mama’s Wish Program.

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Mama’s Wish Program celebrates a new graduate

When Norzin lost both of his parents, his world was crushed. As a double orphan, Norzin has been supported by Love Without Boundaries and Mama’s Wish sponsors since 2005.

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Check out Dorjee’s Report Card

Meet Dorjee, a student in our “Mama’s Wish” education program who is attending the Wuming Charity School of JianZha County in Qinghai Province. Dorjee’s scores soared this semester, including a whopping 115 points on his final exam in Chinese.

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