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Realistic Expectations: Attachment

Probably the most common post-adoption question I get from new parents is, “Do you know anyone who specializes in attachment?”  Attachment is one of our biggest worries as adoptive parents, isn’t it?  We all want our children to be able to form deep and lasting bonds with us.  I will admit that I didn’t know a lot about attachment when I adopted my first child from China until I came home and realized I was now the mother to a “Velcro baby.”  My daughter Anna would scream bloody murder if I was ever out of her sight for even a second, and so I learned how to cook, clean, and even shower with a baby cemented permanently on my hip.

Now, of course, our LWB team talks continually about attachment, as we often move babies from orphanages to hospitals, into foster care, and then back to the orphanage if a province requires the child to return pre-adoption.  We agonize over every move and new caregiver, as we have all become so much more knowledgeable on the all-important bonding cycle. Read more.

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