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Always On Our Minds

6-10 Faith 1 Faith from Heartbridge Healing Home

The children whom we have been honored to help in China are always on our minds. We worry over them when they come into our care and do what we can to give them every chance for a good future. Whether we are able to help them with surgery, healing home care, nutrition, or foster care and education, these children grow dear to us as we see them grow and develop and change over time.  When many of them have the opportunity for adoption and meet their forever families, we rejoice! And we continue to think of them after their adoption. Read more.

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Treasure Trove

Here at Love Without Boundaries, we are keepers of treasure. Besides the children in our care, we safekeep another treasure trove — the photos and histories of children who were in our care but have since been adopted. This treasure is one that we don’t wish to hoard, but to share!


JingJing came to us with heart disease. We helped with her surgery and then placed her into foster care in Henan province where she absolutely thrived. Photos of her shopping with her foster mom and looking like a princess always made us smile. JingJing went on to live with her forever family, but they have never contacted us. Read more.

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