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Pablo’s New Smile

Pablo was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. When he entered LWB’s Starbridge Healing Home (SBHH) at two months old, he weighed just seven pounds.


Upon arriving at SBHH, Pablo was very weak and fussy, but under the love and care of his new nannies he started to eat better and gain much needed weight. He appeared much older than his reported birth date, and so his nannies started adding rice cereal to his milk, and he began to thrive. He began to receive daily exercise to help him get stronger in hopes that he could quickly have his lip repair surgery. Read more.

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Jillian’s Ongoing Transformation

Nearly five months old when we first met her in August, Jillian was a tiny little thing.  She was admitted to the hospital with a bloating stomach and a possible intestinal obstruction.  Her final diagnosis, however, was septicemia, a potentially fatal whole-body inflammation caused by severe infection, along with malnutrition and formula allergy.  


Thanks to medical treatment and a specialized formula called Neocate and TLC, Jillian now looks like this! Read more.

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Darling Dominic

Look at sweet baby Dominic.  Dominic has been in the care of our Starbridge Healing Home for one month now and we are very concerned about him.  He is 3 months old and has a serious heart defect, causing him to struggle to get enough oxygen into his little body.  This gives his skin a bluish appearance and has us very worried.

Dominic 4 rev

When Dominic first came to SBHH he was a very fussy little boy and very somber. Read more

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