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Last summer we were contacted by Stella, a mother in Uganda who was concerned about her ten-year-old daughter, Treasure. Treasure had recently been diagnosed with a type of severe scoliosis called kyphoscoliosis.   Just about a year before reaching out to us, Stella noticed that one of Treasure’s shoulders was much lower than the other. She attributed it to the heavy books that Treasure carried in a shoulder bag for school and didn’t think much about it. A few months later, she noticed that Treasure had a bulge at the top of her back and was unable to straighten her back at all. She rushed her to the doctor, who attempted to use bracing to slow the curvature. Unfortunately, Treasure’s spine continued to curve rapidly, putting her internal organs and heart function at great risk. 

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Announcing the Loving ARMs Healing Home

At one point in my life, I had four little boys aged 1-7, and so I am sure you can understand when I say that I lived with a lot of potty jokes every day. My librarian brother fueled the fire by sending them a copy of the Japanese children’s book called “Everyone Poops,” which soon became their “go to” book whenever they got to pick the story of the night. If you haven’t seen this book, it is definitely a no nonsense way of covering one of the most basic body functions, with the final summary that “All living things eat, so everybody poops.”


I think it is safe to say that anything concerning our bowels causes a wide range of reactions from people. Read more.

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Picking Flowers with Jonathan

Jonathan2 8.13

Jonathan always seems to happy! Each month when we see his foster care reports, he is smiling, laughing, playing with friends…and generally enjoying life. His sweet side appeared as well this month in these photos of him carefully picking flowers! Read more.

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Jonathan Shines

Five-year-old Jonathan has been in our Foster Care Program in Hunan since October 2009, when he was just two.  We first introduced him in 2010 in the blog, “Endearing Jonathan”, when he was just beginning to walk.  As we have come to know him over the years, we have seen him maintain his sweet spirit and charming personality while developing confidence in many areas.  Jonathan is now a happy, enthusiastic boy who attends kindergarten.

It’s hard not to be charmed by Jonathan as he performs a well-known Chinese children’s song in the video below called, “Ni Wa Wa”.  This song is about a doll who has no mother or father — just like little Jonathan. Read more.

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The Face of Determination

Little Janie from our Xiao Xian Foster Care Program was born with a spinal tumor.

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Daniel And His Charm

Daniel has the face of an angel and the personality of “warm spring sunshine”. How is that, you ask?

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