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Josie’s Determination

Josie is a student in our Fujian Secondary and Higher Education program. She joined our program in 2013 after it became impossible for her family to afford for her to stay in school.


Josie lives with her grandparents, who do their best to provide for Josie. Her grandfather farms, and her uncle works in a coal mine to sustain the family. However, they do not have a stable enough income to provide for Josie’s education. Read more.

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Jack: A Winter’s Song

Jack is a college senior in our Guangdong Secondary and Higher Education program, busy striving to improve himself while trying to figure out his place in the world.


He recently took time away from his studies to share with us a few insights into his life. Though Jack used to picture himself diving into the fields of arts or science, he says he now finds himself lured by the prospects of business. Through his studies in business classes, Jack reports, “I’ve learned to treat others with respect, actively communicate with others, and help others in their studies.” Read more.

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Ting: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

Describing herself as an extrovert and a tomboy, Ting is a cheerful 18 year old in our Anhui Secondary and Higher Education program who has overcome many struggles in her life. Ting says that even though she has had her troubles, she tries to always remain optimistic. Laughing and talking with her friends helps her remain positive, and she seems to get along well with just about everyone.

Sarah2 fall2014
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Zara, First in Her Class!

Zara entered LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program during the summer of last year, when she was preparing to begin her junior year in high school. Zara told us that she really wanted to attend school and hopefully go to college.


When we first met Zara she told us of her family. She lives with her aging grandmother, who suffers from constant bronchitis, and her father, who has a bad back that keeps him from working. Read more.

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Lily: A Story of Opportunity, Dedication, and Success

We first met Lily when she was a shy 13-year-old at an orphanage in Guangdong Province. She and the other teens at the social welfare institute where she lived were a close knit group of kids.

Over the next few years, through LWB’s Education Program, we have loved getting to know them all better. Lily was always so sweet to the younger kids when we would visit, and the orphanage director told us again and again what a kind and responsible person she was. We encouraged all of the teens we were working with to set big goals for themselves, and we told them that we would do everything possible to help their college dreams come true. Read more.

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Sue: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

Sue is a student in LWB’s Fujian Secondary and Higher Education Program. Last fall, she joined our program after it became impossible for her family to afford for her to stay in school.

Sue July 2014

Sue lives with her father, who had been unable to find work after needing surgery to repair a broken foot. With medical bills and no income, the family had no money left to spare for education. Read more.

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Zita: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Zita used to live in a family that everyone would consider very happy and normal. They laughed and loved and enjoyed good food. They were peaceful. All of that changed in 2010.


One day Zita’s father was in a very bad car accident and sustained serious injuries. Their family worried for his life. The hospital bills became so large that her family went into great debt. Read more.

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Zoe: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education (SHE) Program helps make dreams come true. We help students in China who excel in their classes but whose family circumstances prevent them from being able to afford the financial cost of continuing their education. Our SHE program provides tuition, books, and living expenses for students in middle school, high school, and college programs.


Zoe is a student who did well in her middle school class, and she hopes to continue her studies in high school if she can obtain financial support. Read more

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Baby, They’re All Fireworks!

Talk about Independence Day! We have amazing news to share about the Secondary and Higher Education program in Hunan. We are so proud to announce that all seven of our high school graduates passed their final exam this year with flying colors. Our students are shining brighter than fireworks! How wonderful to see their efforts at independence pay off in such a big way.

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Remembering Noah

Last summer Henry, a student in LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program, had a burden on his heart.  Henry decided to contact LWB’s program manager and told him of his friend, Noah, a smart and determined 15-year-old boy who lived with his grandparents. 

Noah’s grandparents loved him and wanted him to fulfill his dream of attending school, but they were extremely poor and could not afford it. Henry even offered to give his friend his LWB sponsorship money to help, but it was arranged for Noah to become an LWB student as well. Read more.

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