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Belle: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week


Belle is a student in LWB’s Hunan Secondary and Higher Education Program. At 11 years old, Belle has a lofty goal. She plans to achieve top ranking in her class this semester. She decided on this goal after dropping from first ranked to second ranked last semester. Whether first or second ranked, we are proud of Belle. Read more.

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What Can Come Next: A Way Out of Poverty

This is a story of two siblings who have long been struggling to escape poverty. They are so very smart and are doing everything they can to stay in school, despite all the odds they are facing. Their family’s story is one of both happiness and struggle.

Gui and her mother

After the mother and father fell in love, they returned back to his Hunan hometown to start a family. They had their daughter, Gui, shortly after their marriage. Three years later, they had her younger brother Lee. Mom worked in the fields while the father worked as a laborer in a construction site. In addition to caring for their children, this couple also had their paternal grandparents and maternal grandmother living with them, giving them a total of seven people to care for. The entire family lived a simple but beautiful life until the day Gui and Lee’s father tragically fell to his death while laying the tiles for a rooftop in the village. Read more.

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Rosalind: LWB’s Featured Student of the Week

Rosalind, a beautiful and smart young lady in LWB’s Fujian Secondary and Higher Education Program, has recently begun her second year of university. She is not only studying as a full-time student but is also an active member of the university’s debate team.

Featured Child
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What Can Come Next: Wendy’s Bright Future

During Wendy’s final year of high school, her family experienced dramatic life and financial changes.  Her father lost his job and had to leave their small community to try and find work, and as a result Wendy was sent to live with her ailing grandmother.  Her new home had a leaking roof and no electricity and was built on dirt floors .  There was barely enough money for food, and certainly no money for Wendy to continue her education.

Wendy’s future appeared to be brighter when her family learned about LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education Program.  This bright girl, who was at the top of her class, was awarded a scholarship to continue high school.  Read more.

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