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Stories of Hope: Ryder

Why hello, Gerber baby. Look at you with your squeezable cheeks, bright eyes, and a hint of a double chin.  Look at you all comfy and safe, with warm blankets, loving nannies, and arms ready to hold you. What a journey the past year has been, and how we wish you didn’t have to make it.

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Help Us Keep Elgin and Ryder Safe

This winter, we were called by orphanages asking for help with two tiny boys, both of whom were orphaned at birth: Elgin and Ryder. Both Elgin and Ryder were hospitalized and have made great progress in their healing. Under normal circumstances, they would be ready to discharge to the specialized care of our China Healing Home. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus outbreak has caused both the PT center where our healing home is located and their home orphanages to be sealed and quarantined. No one has permission to leave or enter the facilities at the moment, so for now, the safest option for these two fragile babies is to stay right where they are — in the hospital.

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Jillian’s Ongoing Transformation

Nearly five months old when we first met her in August, Jillian was a tiny little thing.  She was admitted to the hospital with a bloating stomach and a possible intestinal obstruction.  Her final diagnosis, however, was septicemia, a potentially fatal whole-body inflammation caused by severe infection, along with malnutrition and formula allergy.  


Thanks to medical treatment and a specialized formula called Neocate and TLC, Jillian now looks like this! Read more.

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