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LWB and Sevenly: Carpe Diem for Medically Fragile Babies

Our social media pages and website are filled with photos of beautiful children who generally look happy and healthy. However, it’s sometimes easy to forget that most of these children came into LWB care because they were in medical crisis.


Children like Christi and Little Joe, who were born with their organs on the outside of their bodies…who after months of hospital care are now thriving with the love and attention of our Healing Home nannies. Read more.

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Get Ready for Fall and Shop for a Cause!

BIM graduate 2

Over the last few weeks, many children we know have excitedly shopped for brand new school supplies, filled their lunch boxes with delicious snacks, strapped on their backpacks, and posed for first day of school photos, before climbing onto a big yellow bus headed for the adventure of a new school year. It has been a time of excitement. anticipation, and maybe a little nervousness. Education is the promise of exploration, discovery, growth, and stimulation. For children with special needs in China, however, the opportunity to experience all these things is very limited and often an impossibility. Read more.

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Urgent Medical Funds Needed

Just this week, two tiny babies came into our care who require urgent medical attention.  We are so grateful to be able to help these little ones receive the life saving surgeries and medical treatment they need.  However, we are only able to provide hope and healing to these vulnerable children because of support from you, our amazing donors.  Right now, we are in real need of emergency medical funds to help babies like Paxton, Violet, and Andy.

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Shirts That Bless Orphaned Children

LWB has been presented with another amazing opportunity to show its dedication to orphaned children – and to do so in style!

Starting today, we are again partnering with Sevenly to raise funds specifically for children in our medical program. Read more.

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In Memory and In Hope

This has been one of the hardest winters I can remember in all of the years I have worked with orphaned children. As the temperatures drop, we know that pneumonia and other illnesses will spread quickly through orphanages, and we always pray for an early spring. I don’t think many people even stop to think about how fast a sickness can spread in an institution when 20-30 babies live in just one room. And for babies struggling with medical issues already, such as heart defects or breathing difficulties, they are very vulnerable indeed.
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Love The Orphan, LWB Style

LWB has been presented with a wonderful opportunity to show support for orphans — in style! Starting today, we are partnering with Sevenly to raise funds specifically for children in our healing homes. Sevenly is a unique organization that harnesses the power of art and community to raise funds and awareness for select charities. Sevenly’s designers created this graphic exclusively for Love Without Boundaries, and we love the sentiment of “Love the Orphan” as well as the stylish design. Read more.

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