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Meredith: A Medical Success Story

Meredith was born in 2011 in Shaanxi Province.  Her family includes her father and mother, plus her paternal grandparents, both of whom have medical issues requiring medication. Meredith’s mother stays at home to care for Meredith and the grandparents.  Meredith’s father works as a day laborer, so his income isn’t stable to support the entire family of five people.Meredith 1 Read more.

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Frankie from True Children’s Healing Home

Frankie came to LWB’s True Children’s Healing Home in September, after a long journey from his home province of Shaanxi. At six months old he weighed less than ten pounds and was in need of a great deal of careful nurturing, but his sparkling eyes told us that we would soon be seeing a strong and active Frankie.

The TCHH caregivers immediately set about filling Frankie’s tummy with nutritious formula and filling his little soul with love and attention. Frankie began to thrive. Within a few weeks he had started crawling, and by November he was brave enough to approach the bigger babies and take their toys away!
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Frankie: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Tiny Frankie was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate and a minor heart defect. It is difficult for a busy orphanage to give cleft-affected babies the extra time and attention they need, especially at feeding time. Frankie was four months old and weighed only nine pounds. He needed help to be able to gain weight and be medically stable so he could have the cleft lip repair surgery that would make eating so much easier.

Frankie as new arrival to healing home

He arrived at LWB’s True Children’s Healing Home (TCHH) in Fujian early this month after a long journey from his home orphanage in Shaanxi Province. Unfortunately, when he arrived, it was realized that he had actually lost weight since the last report. He is now receiving around-the-clock care from dedicated, specially trained nannies at TCHH. Read more.

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When Hope Turns to Loss

When LWB first started our Unity Medical Fund, it was with the hope that we could actually prevent children from becoming orphaned. Through our medical work in China, we had learned that many parents abandon their children born with medical needs when they are unable to pay for the surgeries their children need. Our LWB managers had been approached multiple times by pleading rural parents who didn’t have the funds to get their child admitted to the hospital for care. They would frantically say, “we will give you our child if you will just save her life.” There is only one word to describe what I saw in too many rural parents’ eyes when they could not afford to help their child: desperation.

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There’s No Place Like Home for Peter

If you read our blog regularly, you probably remember Amy Eldridge’s recent post, “On My Own,” which gave us all insight into the hearts of older orphans who have no families of their own. Sadly, there are too many children who either never become eligible for adoption or who “age out” when they turn 14. Too many children in China never have a true chance to find a permanent home.

With all of this in mind, we want to introduce you to Peter, a 13-year-old boy from Taiyuan in Shaanxi Province. He is not in a Love Without Boundaries Program; however we want to feature him to increase his chances to find a family. Peter’s file has just been released and he is now eligible for adoption! However, he turns 14 in May 2011, so he only has a few short months to find his family before his birthday. We hope to make these months count by spreading the word that he is waiting and available for adoption right now. LWB is accepting donations to make an adoption assistance grant available for Peter’s adoption.
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