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With August drawing to a close, it seems like a great time to reflect on what’s happened this summer. Our Education program has been particularly active the last few months!

BIM Huainan morning exercises 8.15

From creating new classrooms for orphaned children with special needs children to Life Skills Camp for older teens and young adults, our team has been extremely busy. Read more.

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New Teachers for a New School

This September, Love Without Boundaries will be opening a brand new Believe in Me School in Shaoguan, a mountainous area in Guangdong province. In preparation for this exciting new venture, all three new teachers and one aide attended the LWB teacher training in Huainan a few weeks ago. This month, they will go to a Montessori training academy for two weeks of training. Once they return and get their classrooms organized, the school will open with 29 children in three classes! Below is a sneak peek of the Shaoguan kids. We have a suspicion that the new teachers are going to have a lively time with this group! Read more.

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