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Dreaming Big for Sweet Melissa

Sweet Melissa is four years old and attends our Sibling School, a safe early childhood education center that serves the vulnerable children of Sokhem Village. Thanks to supporters of our Cambodian Education programs, her older sister has been attending our Sokhem Believe in Me School while Melissa has received nurturing care and quality nutrition at the Sibling School.

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A Beautiful Tapestry: The Cambodian Education Program

Bouncing along the dusty dirt road approaching the Believe In Me Sokhem school, I was full of excitement. I first visited LWB’s Education programs in Cambodia last November and was thrilled to be returning just six months later with LWB’s Managing Director of Strategic Partnerships Kelly Wolfe, full of anticipation about what I would find. And wow, what a difference six months can make!

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Ending the Year with Our Top Ten Photos of 2018: The Top Five

Yesterday, we shared 7 of our favorite photos from 2018. Today, we hope you’ll take a few moments to check out the best of the best — our most-loved photos of the past year.

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Progress at the Sokhem Sibling School

We wanted to share some photos today from our Sokhem Sibling School in rural Cambodia because we’re so excited by the progress being made with this innovative program. First though, we want to share again just WHY this project is so important and why we believe it’s so critical that the Sibling School continues.

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Expanding Foster Care in Cambodia

Love Without Boundaries is honored to be one of the only charities in western Cambodia providing foster care to children. We currently have two foster care programs in place: Safe Haven foster care for children who have been trafficked or severely abused, and traditional foster care for children who have become orphaned or abandoned. Our traditional foster care program has recently added five additional children to our care.

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Journey to Cambodia 2017: Sokhem Village

The second day of our time in Cambodia was spent along the border region, and it certainly was an exciting journey to get there.  This is the second year in a row I’ve traveled during monsoon season, and the moment you turn off the paved roads to get to the rural villages, your tuk tuk rides becomes more exciting than any amusement park attraction. Then you finally just give up once the motorcart gets completely stuck, and you take off your shoes to walk the rest of the way.  Mud, glorious mud!

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