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Celebrating Chinese New Year: An Update on Anneke

In celebration of Chinese New Year, we want to bring you updates on two children who were healed through LWB’s Unity Initiative. This program helps keep families united by providing life-saving surgeries to children living in poverty. We receive requests every single month from families desperate to provide medical care to their children, but who have no financial means of doing so. The letters they send us are often heartrending, as was the one written by seven-year-old Anneke’s mom.

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The 2015 Cleft Exchange – Less than 4 Weeks Away!

Planning a cleft exchange takes at least six months of preparations, and the excitement really starts building when we realize we are less than a month away. We are so grateful to everyone who has funded a child for surgery, and there are some truly beautiful children still needing sponsors in their corner!

Unnamed ChildrenSome of the children still in need of sponsors

Some of our supporters have noticed that our cleft exchange surgery costs are a bit more than last year, and we wanted to give you a breakdown on where your donations are going. This year we have set the cost at $750 per child. Read more.

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Mickey’s Shy Smile: Worth the Wait!

In the interest of adoption, LWB Community will be profiling some waiting children whose orphanages have asked for help in finding families for them. However, we do want to be clear that these children are not in LWB programs, and we have no personal knowledge of them.

Some kids can’t get enough of the camera, hamming it up and grinning like movie stars. Mickey is not one of these kids! The woman taking these photos had a difficult time persuading him to face the camera. So she waited and waited to catch the moment he smiled. It looks like her patience paid off in these darling photos! Read more.

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Timothy, Ready and Waiting!

This sweet smile belongs to Timothy, a young man who was in LWB’s Nutrition program in Deyang, Sichuan Province, in 2007.  Timothy received club foot casting through An Orphan’s Wish in Guilin, using the Ponseti method to gently move his feet into proper position. He arrived in August 2009 and was discharged nearly a year later in July 2010. Timothy also has a diagnosis of arthrogryposis. Currently he is six years old and wears an insole in his shoes. He no longer wears braces except for when he sleeps at night.
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Kaden: No Photos, Please!

Kaden is a very shy boy who lives in the Deyang orphanage in Sichuan Province who has just celebrated his third birthday. He really doesn’t like having his picture taken…can you tell? He entertains himself very well and is somewhat reticent around strangers….even strangers who come bearing food! From this gallery of photos that our China nutrition program director has taken of Kaden over the past year, you can really see how camera-shy he is. We did manage to capture one photo of him smiling as he plays in the water!
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Bailey’s Heart

In May of 2008, Bailey’s world was literally shaken to the core. Bailey lived in Beichuan—a city that was devastated by the earthquake. Only three years old, Bailey was fortunate to be rescued from the rubble of her home. Sadly, her parents had perished and Bailey’s heart was broken.

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