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A $3,000 Adoption Grant for Beatrice

You might remember beautiful Beatrice from our blog post in November. She is a playful 17-month-old girl living in LWB foster care.. Love Without Boundaries has had the privilege of knowing Beatrice since she was five months old. Born with spina bifida, she does not currently have feeling in her lower limbs. However, Beatrice’s smile and personality are evident, and at a year and a half old, her abilities are shining through.

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Beautiful Beatrice: Waiting For Adoption

Beautiful Beatrice entered our foster care program when she was just five months old. Beatrice was born with spina bifida, which occurs in utero as the spinal column develops and fails to completely seal. Often, a sac protrudes from a hole in the vertebrae containing spinal fluid, tissue, nerves, and part of the spinal cord. Despite surgery to close the opening, children with spina bifida may experience some degree of paralysis and loss of sensation below the damaged vertebrae. This is what happened in Beatrice’s case. Shortly after she was born, she was taken to an orphanage whose staff arranged for her to have the surgery she needed to survive. Following that operation, it was discovered that Beatrice had lost feeling in her lower body. That certainly didn’t stop this beautiful little girl from embracing her babyhood, however.

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An Adoption Assistance Grant for Pearl

We are truly thrilled and honored to be announcing LWB’s newest adoption assistance grant recipient:  Precious Pearl from Guizhou.

Lu Min Xin 2Pearl

Six year old Pearl is currently living with a loving foster care family. She has lower limb paralysis, a result of post-operative surgery and spina bifida.  However, she has determination and spirit in spades! Read more.

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Precious Pearl

Pearl is, like her namesake, beautiful, rare, and precious.


And very much like a pearl, she is a hidden treasure of the Waiting Children Program. Six years old, Pearl is living with a loving foster care family in Guizhou, but she is still waiting patiently for a family to call her own. Read more.

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John’s Only Hope

At LWB, we always try to be as respectful as possible to the children in our programs. We always want to treat them with dignity, and because of that we are hesitant to ever publicly discuss certain medical conditions, as we believe they should remain private. Today I am writing about a little boy in rural foster care, however, who absolutely needs a permanent home to survive. And since he has waited over two years on China’s shared adoption list without being chosen, I am going to break our rule and discuss his condition openly – because I feel like saving his life is the most important thing right now. This eight-year-old boy is just too special to not get the long-term care he deserves.


When we first met John, he was only five years old. We learned that he was abandoned following a failed meningocele surgery, which left him with weak legs and feet that turned out to the sides. Read more.

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First Day of the 2011 PT Camp

We arrived at the Zhongshan SWI today to begin the PT Training Program for 20 staff members in six orphanages in Guizhou Province. The morning began by providing attendees with an overview of cerebral palsy (CP). Caring for children born with CP can be quite a challenge given that every child born with CP is different. We moved right away to demonstrating positioning and exercise techniques while evaluating eight children from the Zhongshan and Liuzhi SWIs. We were so moved to hear the concerns of the directors and staff who sincerely want the children in their care to have a better life. It was obvious to us that the children are very loved and have strong positive relationships with their caregivers. We also answered many questions about helping children with spina bifida.

The little boy in the top photo was first seen during a March visit to Guizhou by several LWB team members. He also has spina bifida, but he is now walking everywhere!
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Andrew, Warrior from Kaifeng

I first heard about Andrew from our Kaifeng program just a few weeks ago. This was first photo I saw of him:

You can imagine how my heart swelled at his sweet face!

I wondered why he had been waiting many months for a family to match with him. It turned out that Andrew was born with a form of spina bifida, which is a life-long condition, making Andrew’s chances of finding a family slimmer than many other children. So, writing a post about Andrew became more challenging than I thought it would be.
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Big-Hearted Adam

With the recent and continued changes in the Waiting Child program and the continued expansion of the multi-agency shared list, I sit here wondering how so many of these children are going to be spotted and found by their forever families.

Take four-year old Adam, for example. We’ve met him before on this blog in May 2009. He’s overcome several medical challenges in his four short years, so he appears to be a “difficult case” on paper. But when I see his reports come in, I watch him growing and thriving, developing a strong intellect and a big heart for those younger than him. I know there is so much more to him than he might appear to be in his file. And now, this child – who has a corrected club foot and has endured surgery for spina bifida – can walk! He’s such a hard worker. He needs to find his forever family. So I sit here and think, “How can I help?”
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