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Welcoming Wyatt and Nikolas to our Healing Home

In late January, a premature baby boy was abandoned and brought to an orphanage.  He was clearly experiencing breathing distress and was rushed several hours away to the provincial capital by ambulance. Upon arrival, he needed to be placed immediately on a ventilator. Thankfully, Wyatt showed us his grit by only needing specialized breathing support for a few days. We were then able to see his precious face more clearly.

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It Takes a Community: Rh Negative Blood in China


Last week, precious baby Pearl was found at just four days old with a hospital note explaining she had a meningocele, a large “spinal tumor” which is actually a protrusion of the membranes which cover the spine.  Although we do not know for sure, there is a chance that Pearl’s birthparents were unable to afford the surgery and treatment that she would need.  We made arrangements with her orphanage to move her immediately to a hospital in Shanghai. Read more.

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Aadorable Aaron

Aaron5 2014

Aaron turns four this month! He is one of the few children we know of who has been a part of each of LWB’s five program areas, and as a result we have quite a few photos and reports on this adorable boy. Since his adoption file is ready and with an agency, we thought it would be the perfect time to highlight Aaron through the years. Read more.

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Faith: Determination, Courage, and Pride

Courage, determination, pride…that’s what little girls are made of.
~Author Unknown


Born with a spinal meningocele that had ruptured by time she was abandoned less than a week after her birth, sweet Faith came into the care of Love Without Boundaries (See our blog, “Prayers for Baby Faith“). Plans were made to send her urgently to a hospital in Shanghai, where she arrived with dirt in every wrinkle of her little body. The nurses gave her a warm bath, applied lotion, and she fell fast asleep in the warm incubator. Read more.

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Cooking Up Fun with Carson


Three-year-old Carson is just waiting to cook up some fun with a family of his own! Read more

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Way to Go, Carson!

In spring of 2012, Carson was a baby in desperate need of surgery when we featured him on LWB Community.  The photos we recently received of him show his incredible progress!  Carson is now three years old and is waiting for a family of his own.  Here is his story. Read more

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One Tough Peanut

In early June, LWB opened our newest project in Henan province: the Starbridge Healing Home.  One of the first babies who came into our hands there was a tiny little girl who had truly struggled during the first five months of her life.  When she arrived at our center, she weighed just 2 kg.  In addition, she had a cervical meningocele which appeared to have broken open.

Peanut 1

We nicknamed her “Peanut,” and we realized that the odds were definitely not in her favor. However, we were grateful we could love her and hold her and try our best to get her the medical care she needed. Read more

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