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Realistic Expectations: Post-Adoption Struggles

We hope you have enjoyed our series on “Realistic Expectations” and wanted to end today by discussing the realities of post-adoption emotions. If you have found yourself standing in China becoming a parent, chances are it has been the culmination of a many year process of deciding that adoption is right for your family, paperchasing, and then waiting endlessly for the moment you meet your child. And then everyone is supposed to go off into the sunshine to live happily ever after, right? With so many adoption blogs talking about love at first sight and how wonderful those first few months together are, new parents can feel blindsided when they find themselves with an angry child who seems to hate them, or when they return home and have very intense feelings of “what have we done?” Read more.

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Thank You, Lao Shi (Teacher)!

As the 2008-2009 academic year draws to a close, remember to thank a teacher or teachers who’ve made a positive impact on your life.

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Gift Cards for Father’s Day

Love Without Boundaries has a great Father’s Day gift idea for you. It isn’t a tie, a tool or a bottle of after shave. But it is a great way to show a Dad just how important he is and just how much he is loved and appreciated.

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