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Announcing LWB’s New Qiandongnan Foster Care Program!

It is with great pleasure that the LWB Foster Care Team announces our brand new foster care program in Guizhou province. We are delighted to be opening a new program in Qiandongnan for initially ten children. In March 2011, LWB’s Executive Director Amy Eldridge and Foster Care Director Arlene Howard traveled to Guizhou (see our blog series which culminated in “Journey to Guizhou — Reflections”) and visited several orphanages in this province. Qiangdongnan felt like the right place to start our newest program, and the staff there were very eager to partner with us. We have now identified ten children for this program who range in age from just under a year to nearly nine years old, most of whom have some sort of medical need.

Please read on and allow us introduce these ten beautiful children to you. It is our wish that the first sponsor to sign up to support each child choose the English name of the child. For now, we will simply allocate a program number to each child. It will be exciting for us to see the names of each of these children appear as they are sponsored, and even more thrilling to get to know each of them better!
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Bashful Benjie

I don’t mean to be bashful, but I was.  — Willie Mays

Like Willie Mays, four-year-old Benjie is quite a bashful boy.  According to the nannies at the Jinjiang orphanage where he lives, he is pleasant but prefers to play alone.  So far, Benjie doesn’t speak although he is not believed to be deaf or mute.  Although he is getting good care at the orphanage, we feel that a shy boy like Benjie could absolutely blossom with a family of his own to bring him out of his shell.
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Penny’s Cookie

Little Penny is waiting so patiently.  At two years old, she’s not too talkative yet, is a little bit afraid of strangers and doesn’t talk much when someone she doesn’t know if around.  However, she will let you know what she wants with her eyes!  If someone in the room has snacks, she does not ask but stares at the food non-stop until she gets her share. We love the story that these three photos of Penny tell!

Waiting patiently with her hands out…

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