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Ping Pong!

Ping, pong. Ping, pong. That is the sound coming from the Believe in Me Huainan educational program in Anhui province. Along with ooooos and ahhhhs, lots of giggles and laughs and “its my turn next!” A new table tennis table has been purchased! What FUN! This lovely table can be used indoors or outside for year- round action. Plus, it folds up for convenient storage. The older children are enthusiastically trying their hand at this much loved, much played game in China. Little do they know that while they are having fun they are improving their hand-eye coordination, their gross motor skills, their reflexes and their cardiovascular system. They are learning to keep score, take turns (although I think they get a lot of practice at that), and enjoy China’s national sport. GO HUAINAN! Who knows, maybe China’s next champion will be a BIM Huainan, Anhui graduate!
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Table Tennis

LWB loves following the kids in our education programs.   While we often provide tutors for after school studying, to make sure the kids stay academically on track, we also love seeing them at play.  Yesterday I received a photo of this Kaifeng student doing just that. 

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