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Life Skills Camp 2019: City Adventure and Farewell Dinner

Our 4th annual Life Skills Camp for orphaned teens has been filled with laughter, learning, and JOY. The final day is always bittersweet as the teens reflect on what they have learned, the friendships that they made, and the put their newfound skills and confidence to use. On the last day of camp, the teens get to practice many of the skills they learned this week in communication and self-esteem by navigating the streets of Beijing.  This “Big City” adventure is always a challenging but very fun ending to the camp.

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Life Skills Camp: Navigating The Streets Of Beijing And Farewell

The final day of Life Skills Camp 2018 brought an exciting challenge as the teens set out on a journey through the streets of Beijing. There will come a day when these teens will need to be able to find their way around their cities on their own, and this exercise was a fun way to test their independence.

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