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A Letter From David and Anny’s Mom

LWB made a commitment many years ago that we would do everything we could to help families stay united.  As a charity dedicated to the orphaned, we know that preventing a child from losing their birth parents is an essential part of our work.  Through our Unity Initiative and in partnership with the Kim Clement Center, we are so happy to be helping two beautiful children with a very rare medical condition get the  care they need to survive.  Both children were born with Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome, and without surgery, their lungs and heart will fail.  Their mom Sue recently wrote the following letter:

SueAnnyDavid Read more.

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Anny and David: A Mother’s Plea

Many years ago, LWB launched our Unity Initiative, a life-changing program to help desperate families who are unable to provide their children with the medical care they need. Since the beginning, our hearts have been with orphaned children, but we also realized that preventing a child from losing his or her parents is just as essential. We have been so incredibly grateful to our supporters for partnering with us to keep families united.


Recently, many people in the adoption community have learned about the plight of two beautiful children in southern China: Anny and David. These siblings were both born with a very rare condition called Thoracic Insufficiency Syndrome. Read more.

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