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Celebrating 15 Years of Love: Jaci

Back in 2004, the government of China launched an unprecedented medical project known as the Tomorrow Plan. This ambitious program would help provide surgeries to thousands of orphaned children with medical needs. Love Without Boundaries was honored to become the first foreign charity to provide funding for the Tomorrow Plan, and we helped arrange the first eight heart surgeries ever done under the program. We chose four children from the Haikou orphanage on Hainan Island and four children from the Shantou orphanage in Guangdong province. The tiniest baby to receive heart surgery was a baby who came to be known as Little Monkey.

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What Comes Next for Yong

Our director in Beijing took Yong and his foster dad back to the Bayi Hospital today. We were hopeful that the doctors would do a few more tests and then sign the approval for him to come to LA, but they now feel they can do the surgery in Beijing and are not in need of our assistance for him. We spoke with many officials about this news, and they are confident the surgery can be done at this hospital.

We know this will come as an enormous shock to you – as we are honestly still processing the news ourselves. Read more.

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New Challenges

I ended Friday’s blog by saying that the shift in orphanage populations has significantly changed the responsibilities of nannies over the years. A decade ago, the nannies were caring for 10-15 children at a time in the main baby rooms….but on the whole, these were primarily “healthy” babies. Now they are often caring for the same number of children, but ones who have medical needs. Their jobs can be difficult indeed. I will never forget walking into a rural orphanage in a western province and seeing a nanny thread a worn looking rubber tube down the throat of a baby with cleft. She then proceeded to pour milk drop by drop into the tube. She explained that the child was unable to suck from a regular bottle, and so she had come up with this homemade NG tube on her own to save his life. Read more.

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How It All Began: LWB’s Medical Program

Did you ever wonder just how LWB got started on its mission of helping orphaned and impoverished children in China? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how our programs began small and grew to  help more children than our founders ever imagined! Amy Eldridge, LWB’s Executive Director, writes about LWB’s Medical program — the one that began it all. Read more.

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International Adoption

Recently, I gave a two hour talk on the topic of orphaned children in China, and a summary by someone who attended the presentation was posted online. It has come to my attention that some people are now concluding from that talk that the non special needs program for China is over. I feel it is very important for me to go on record to state that the non special needs program is still very much in operation. Each and every month, the dedicated staff at the CCAA match children through this program to families who have been patiently waiting for 4+ years. In 2009, approximately 1500 children were matched through the NSN program.

The intention of my talk was not about discouraging people from this track. Instead, what my talk covered was the changing face of Chinese adoption.
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