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Mr. Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy visited our house for the first time tonight, and surprisingly, she was male. With four children, my husband and I know that, collectively, they will lose enough teeth to nearly outfit a piano’s keyboard. The loss of our eldest daughter’s first tooth is no small milestone. There were warning signs. Six days after her sixth birthday before breakfast, she noticed it was loose. After that, she spent lots of time in front of the bathroom mirror wiggling and working on her lower gum. A speck of blood was considered a good sign. She’d ask, “Is it out yet?” over and over as if she might miss the event.

There was a great amount of fanfare in realizing and announcing that the tooth had indeed fallen out…right on the stairs. She was chewing a caramel. It must have stuck and pulled just the right way. And then it bounced down a few steps. She had to catch it. We clapped and cheered and danced around and then ran for the mirror to see the spot sans tooth. Our girl giggled, pushing her tongue into the new hole in her mouth before searching the kitchen for just the right container to preserve the tooth for presentation to the Tooth Fairy. She chose a plastic baggie.

At bedtime, the meaning of the lost tooth settled over me and my husband. This was our parental premiere as Tooth Fairy.
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