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Small Victories

Sweet Plum came to True Children’s Healing Home in May 2011, at two months old. We all hoped that with one-on-one care, Plum would gain weight and in a few months have her cleft lip surgery, just the way so many of our other residents had. Then the miraculous transformation would begin and we would see her blossom. However, this was not to be: Plum has struggled through every step of her journey.

Respiratory problems prevented her from having her cleft lip surgery for nearly a year. Read more.

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Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale

It’s amazing what can come out of small deeds of kindness. When Elena Doyle, the coordinator of LWB’s True Children’s Healing Home, picked up a copy of “Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale” to read to her two children, she was enchanted by the illustrations and moved by the beautiful, lyrical telling of one child’s adoption story.

Elena was so inspired that she contacted the author, Karen Henry Clark, by Facebook to congratulate her. A conversation began, and Karen offered to sign and donate four copies of her book to help support Love Without Boundaries! The first four people who make a donation of $50 or more to healing homes and specify “Sweet Moon Baby” in the notes will receive a signed copy of “Sweet Moon Baby: An Adoption Tale.” Read more.

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Mother’s Day Wishes

“Make a wish and blow!”

That’s what we teach children when they grab their first dandelion gone to seed. Children see the endless possibilities afforded by wishing. They make their incredibly important wish, fill their cheeks, pucker and blow their wishes as far as the wind can carry them.

I became a mother on Mother’s Day 2004.  In a stuffy Civil Affairs Office in Nanchang, Jiangxi, I received my daughter.  How naïve was I then to the journey that I was just beginning? Read more.

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Jade: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Since early times, jade has been valued in China even more than gold and silver. The newest resident of True Children’s Healing Home (TCHH) in Fujian is truly a precious gem. Jade is just four months old and was born with a very sick heart. LWB was able to arrange open heart surgery to repair Jade’s pulmonary artery valve stenosis at a pediatric hospital in Shanghai. Upon discharge, Jade was moved to True Children’s Healing Home for one-on-one care during her recovery.

When little Jade arrived, she weighed only 6.5 pounds, but her sweet smile and bright eyes tell us how lively she wants to be. Read more.

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