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Run, Rhys, Run!

Rhys moved into our foster care program in Dingyuan almost two years ago as a reserved and quiet little boy. Nurtured and loved, it did not take long for his fun-loving and outgoing personality to shine.


Described by our Dingyuan manager as active, Rhys loves to play with his foster siblings, the neighborhood children, and his peers in kindergarten. Read more.

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Tristan, Now Forever At Home!

Tristan, from LWB Education Program‘s Fuyang Tuition Assistance Program, is an active, kind, boy who speaks beautifully and enjoys football. He loves playing games with his teachers and friends at school.


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Diego Puts His Best Foot Forward

Born with congenital club foot, three-year-old Diego joined LWB’s Foster Care Program when he was eleven months old. Living with his loving foster family provided him not only with security and stability but gave him the chance of receiving the continued daily treatment that he needed after corrective surgery.


Diego wore orthopedic braces for his feet every night for months, which he didn’t like too much at all. Some nights he managed to get them off, and once he even broke them. His wonderful foster mother never wavered in her care of him and made sure that he kept the devices on for the time needed for optimal results. Read more.

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Rachel, Ready and Waiting for a Family

Last month, we celebrated as we heard that Rachel, an adorable six and a half year old from LWB’s Foster Care and Tuition Assistance programs, was to be adopted.  Heartbreak soon followed as we learned that her adoption was disrupted before it was finalized in China.

Rachel peace

Like many other children living out of family care, Rachel has been through a lot in her short life. Currently, she is ready and waiting to be matched with a family who is a perfect fit for her. Read more.

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Ben, a Budding Artist

When Ben first started in LWB’s Huainan Tuition Assistance Program, he would anxiously remind his foster mother, “Don’t forget to pick me up,” when dropped off at the local public school. However Ben quickly found his place in school, a place where he explores a new passion:  art.

Education Success Stories - Nov. 2012

After following the teacher’s instructions on constructing a butterfly, the outcome was so beautiful that the butterflies were tied onto the hair of his girl classmates. Read more.

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Ruth: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Ruth at schoolRuth is a sweet six-year-old girl who works hard in school despite cognitive delays. Ruth enjoys all of her classes but is particularly fond of her Mandarin and music classes. She finds math challenging, but fortunately a special needs school is located near her orphanage where Ruth can be in a supportive learning environment. The school provides the special attention and patience this lovely girl deserves. Ruth loves going to school each day, and. with your support, she will be able to continue to learn in a supportive and encouraging environment. Read more.

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