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Words From a Thankful Mother

Zi Xuan and his twin brother were born prematurely on February 14.  Sadly, Zi Xuan’s twin passed away, and the surviving brother spent several weeks in an infant incubator in the hospital.  He was diagnosed with biliary atresia, which caused severe jaundice.

Zi Xuan intake 2

Zi Xuan’s father is the only able-bodied worker in the family, and he had to remain in their hometown in Guangdong province to work while his wife and newborn son went to Shanghai in search of medical care. Read more.

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Matthew: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Matthew is brand new to Heartbridge, having arrived on November 9th. He has the special need of cleft lip and palate, and is in need of some extra calories to help him grow strong enough to have surgery to repair his lip. Normally we would send a child like Matthew to one of our cleft healing homes, however there is something very special about this little boy: He is the twin brother of Heartbridge resident Max, who has been in the home since September 22nd. Max is healing from surgery that he had as a newborn, and we had no idea that he had a twin brother (see photo below)!
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