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A Trip to the Hospital in Phnom Penh

When we were in Cambodia several weeks ago, we met some children in need of medical assistance. Last week, they traveled almost ten hours from their village to the capital of Phnom Penh to be evaluated at the hospital there.

Rachel and Sara were going to the capital to be evaluated for prosthetic eyes. Several years ago, Rachel, who is fifteen, was bit by an insect and subsequently lost her right eye due to infection. Read more.

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John David: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

When John David entered our Believe in Me orphanage school in Huainan at age two, he had to learn how to play. Being visually impaired, he was naturally cautious in school as he was surrounded by new sounds, toys, and textures.  But there was one class that really touched John David and helped him to grow stronger:  music appreciation.

John David1 March 2014

As he heard the music, John David became very excited and wiggled his entire body, strengthening his arms and legs and other muscles. In fact, it helped him learn to crawl — his first step towards becoming more independent! Read more.

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Blossoming at Bethel

Many of our supporters might have heard of a wonderful charity called Bethel China.   Bethel is located outside of Beijing and is dedicated to helping orphaned children who have vision issues.  They are based on a small farm, with foster homes and a school on the same property. It is surrounded by countryside, where they grow their own vegetables and have chickens, goats, dogs, and horses.

walking home from school

Recently, Bethel contacted us to see if any of the children in our programs had vision issues who might benefit from their education and life skills opportunities.  We are very excited to report that three LWB children were accepted into their program! Read more.

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Ronan, the Little Artist, Still Waits

We’ve told you a lot about six-year old Ronan, one of the boys in our Huainan Believe in Me School.  We spoke of his love of art in “Ronan, the Little Artist from Anhui” and his hard work and positive attitude (see “Kick Off the Week Right with Ronan“).

But there is so much more to say! Read more.

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Waiting Child Videos

While LWB is not an adoption agency, we are passionate about helping as many orphaned children as possible find homes. We know that education is critical when it comes to adopting through the waiting child path, and so we have put together a series of videos which address specific special needs. You can see a list of the current videos here. Read more.

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An Adoption Story: Joshua

Song is a boy who will remain imprinted in the memories of many of LWB volunteers and supporters. He was first featured on our blog in “Song’s Story,” and again in “Singing for Song.” Song had a difficult beginning in life and lost both eyes due to retinal blastoma, but we just knew in our hearts that the perfect family was waiting for this extremely bright and resilient boy.  Happily, Song was adopted nearly two months ago by a wonderful family and is now known as Joshua. Joshua’s parents recently shared his incredible adoption story. Read more.

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