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Four Children Waiting For Adoption

Just recently, our China staff visited an orphanage in Anhui and was able to visit with some children who were previously in our programs. We discovered that four of them have completed adoption files and wanted to share their names and photos to let people know that they are waiting to be chosen.

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Is International Adoption Slowly Dying? Thoughts from the JCICS Conference

Last week, I was able to attend and speak at a conference in Baltimore, sponsored by the Joint Council for International Children’s Services (JCICS).  JCICS is a membership-based advocacy organization for orphaned children around the world.  During this conference, I was able to hear presentations by agency representatives, international adoption doctors, government advocates on international adoption, and a young man who had been orphaned.  As I met these people, I was struck by how kind they are and how much they genuinely care about children.

Getting to meet so many of the adoption agency staff with whom we have worked was so inspiring.  Each was so passionate about placing the waiting children on China’s shared list. Currently, there are more than 1600 children with medical needs who now wait for a family.  Most people don’t understand that adoptions from China aren’t slowing for children with a special need.  There are so many children waiting every day who would love a family of their own.
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