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Chairs4Change: A Million Dollar Project

Sisters Elyse, Jasmine, and JJ call themselves “The Chairs” because they use wheelchairs for mobility. These amazing young women are the founders of Chairs4Change and have an audacious goal of raising ONE MILLION DOLLARS for Love Without Boundaries! Thanks to the donations of the generous LWB community, they have already raised $75,000. We thought you’d like to get to know “The Chairs” a little better and learn more about their connection to LWB and the projects near and dear to their hearts.

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Sending Life-Changing Wheelchairs To Kids In Uganda

We were recently able to deliver four wheelchairs to children with special needs in Uganda. Although it took over a year to get them there, their arrival has been truly life-changing for a couple of the children in particular at the Mukono Healing Home. Andre has been so excited to be able to get around quickly. He can push himself a bit, but he truly loves to be pushed around.

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From Tragedy to Bright New Beginning

Have you ever heard a story so tragic that it’s hard to take it all in, to really conceive of all that you have heard? That’s how we felt when we first learned of Brycen.

Brycen is a teenage boy living in a small village in Uganda. One of our team members met Brycen by chance when she was interviewing prospective students for a new school project we are beginning in partnership with Childcare Uganda. Read more.

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Auction to Benefit Children at the Kaifeng PT Center

Over 100 orphaned children with cerebral palsy live at the Physical Therapy (PT) Center in Kaifeng, Henan. The center serves the entire province, and orphanages from throughout Henan send their children to the center for healing care.

Kaifeng PT Center Children Wheelchairs

In addition, a number of children in the local community are served daily by the PT Center even though they do not live there as residents. Read more.

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Improved Mobility for Hayden and Ben

Through the generosity of our supporters and the efforts of our amazing LWB team members, we were able to make a real difference in the lives of two boys with very limited mobility: Hayden and Ben.

Early this year, we became aware of an older Tibetan boy who was unable to walk and spent his life crawling. He was born with limb differences and lost his mother and father shortly after birth. He lives with his extended family members very close to Mt. Everest. Read more

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Goodness Wins

Fireworks night sky

As 2015 comes rapidly to a close, many media outlets are running summaries of the year.  One of the things my family noticed yesterday is that so much of the reported news was about tragedy.  I know many of us who are parents wonder how the continual “news of the bad” is impacting our children.

A few weeks ago, I took my kids to a major theme park in Florida, and as hundreds of families like ours were climbing aboard the tram to the main entrance, my 11-year-old looked around and said, “There isn’t enough security here. This is the perfect place for a terrorist attack.”

It hit me so strongly that this is the reality of our children’s thoughts now.  They go to school and do “intruder drills” to prepare for the worst, while the internet and 24/7 news make it almost impossible to shield them from things we wish they didn’t have to see.

It would be easy to fall into the mindset that the world is completely going downhill. Read more.

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Greater Independence for Katie

Katie is a nine-year-old student who has a lower-limb disability in our Believe in Me orphanage school in Jinjiang.

Katie measured 1.15

When our teacher training team visited Katie’s school in June, they noticed that Katie’s teachers were struggling to move her from place to place to keep up with the busy class. Also, they noticed that the classroom chairs were much too small for her and made her uncomfortable. Read more.

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The Wheelchair Project

“Independence is freedom.” ~Susan B. Anthony

P Image used courtesy of Stickman Communications

One of the greatest freedoms is having the independence and autonomy to do what you want when you want. Unfortunately, for children born with physical challenges, this kind of independence may not be possible without assistance. Read more.

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