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Yong is Coming Home!

Late last year, we learned about a very special little boy named Yong with a rare facial tumor who was orphaned in Guizhou.  His orphanage had tried to get him help at several hospitals in China, but they were told the surgery was just too complex.  His orphanage director contacted LWB to see if we could possibly help him, and through the kindness and compassion of people all over the world, the funding needed for him to have surgery in Los Angeles was  raised.  Shortly afterwards, however, we learned that Yong would be unable to come to the U.S.

In April, I met Yong and his wonderful foster family in Guizhou.  They told me that his tumor was growing so rapidly that he was losing his ability to eat solid foods.  Read more.

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Meeting Yong

The third day of our trip found us waking up in a Buyi minority village in Kaiyung County. 95% of Buyi people live in Guizhou, usually in river valleys. As you can see from the photos, they favor two and three story houses, made of both stone and wood, and walking through the village was a very peaceful experience.
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What Comes Next for Yong

Our director in Beijing took Yong and his foster dad back to the Bayi Hospital today. We were hopeful that the doctors would do a few more tests and then sign the approval for him to come to LA, but they now feel they can do the surgery in Beijing and are not in need of our assistance for him. We spoke with many officials about this news, and they are confident the surgery can be done at this hospital.

We know this will come as an enormous shock to you – as we are honestly still processing the news ourselves. Read more.

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Yong in Beijing

We wanted to give you an update on Yong, the little boy from Guizhou you all have taken into your hearts. As we announced several weeks ago, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles has agreed to accept his case. Thanks to so many wonderful and kind supporters, we were able to raise the funds needed for his surgery. Everything came together over Chinese New Year, so we were waiting for government offices to reopen in order to get his passport and visa finalized.

Right after Chinese New Year, we were told that the government had created a new policy at the very end of 2012 which requires all orphaned children to be seen at a government approved hospital first, before they can leave the country for medical care. The hospitals which had seen Yong in the past in China were not official Tomorrow Plan hospitals. The local government in Yong’s province said they could not approve him leaving for LA until they got national permission first. His province has not sent a child abroad for surgery before, and so they are of course wanting every proper permission to be in place. Read more.

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The Power of Love: An Update on Yong

It is with the most joyous of hearts that we announce that the full amount needed for Yong’s surgery has been raised. Yong has waited years for the medical treatment he needs – and your caring and compassion for this beautiful boy have made his surgery a reality in just five short days.

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