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Today’s guest blogger is Marta Navaza, the coordinator of LWB’s Believe in Me Shanxi school.

I remember how worried I was when I received the first reports on LWB’s newest Believe in Me school in Shanxi. There was little Lola, with not even a single “confident” mark on the abilities checklist; or Iker, who at seven years of age could hardly say his own name. It was heartbreaking for me. I thought that the school’s teachers, even if they were enthusiastic and well trained in the Montessori method, really had a tough job ahead of them.


I was a new volunteer for Love Without Boundaries, and even if I already knew the power of healing, I wasn’t familiar with the power of education. Who would have thought that only a few months later, Lola’s list of “improving” abilities would be nearly filled up, and that the extremely shy Iker was going to recite, in front of everyone, a poem in the Chinese New Year Celebration!

Iker reciting a special poem.

The Shanxi Believe in Me School has two different classrooms, one of them dedicated to special education. In both classrooms the kids not only learn math and writing but also how to live. They socialize, they follow rules, they are motivated, and they try to excel.

Now it is more and more frequent to read teacher comments like: “Noé has gained a lot of self confidence”…


“Jaime barely has a tantrum now”…


“The writing skills of Hugo have improved a lot”…

or, “Even though he has cerebral palsy, Javier doesn’t give up, and he tries to achieve his objectives!”

Of course, none of this could have been done without your help and support, LWB friends and sponsors. Once again we want to thank you all most heartily for believing in them!

~Marta Navaza, Shanxi BIM School Coordinator

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  • roomforatleastonemore says:

    Well this made the tears come!

    We believe in all of you!!! Way to go!!!