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Taking a Leap for Yue

Eight-year-old Yue lives with her parents in a mountainous area of Shaanxi province.  She was born with PFO, or patent foramen ovale, a heart condition, and her family is very poor and cannot afford her medical care.

Yue 1

Her mother heard about LWB’s Unity Fund, which provides assistance to impoverished families, at the local civic affairs office.  So Yue’s mother and father gathered their daughter and began the journey to a hospital where they knew LWB works. When they arrived, doctors examined Yue and determined that she needed heart surgery to fix her defect.

Normally we would at this point reach out to ask our supporters for help. Then, as soon as a surgery is funded, we would notify the family and move forward immediately with the surgery or medical treatment. Often families travel a great distance at their own expense and returning home without surgery is heartbreaking for them. Yue’s family came with such high hopes for seeing their daughter healed.

Yue 4 med

This is risky for us, because it is often harder to fund surgeries once they’ve taken place. It means we have to use emergency funds and hope that the funds can be replenished afterward. We are grateful for monthly donors to the Unity fund who provide a cushion when these situations arise.

Yue 3

The good news is Yue had surgery last Wednesday. She is still in the ICU as her pulmonary pressures are a bit high.  Please keep her in your prayers for a speedy recovery.  We are anxious to see her smile emerge again!

Yue 2

Yue’s heart surgery went well, but we still need funds to pay for her treatment.  Your donation in any amount will help Yue, as well as the next child needing immediate medical treatment. Thank you for your help!

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